About The San Dimas
Mountain Rescue Team
Anytime. Anywhere. So others may live.
60 Years of Service LASD-affiliated
On call, 24-7, 365, when people in our mountains and county need help.

When a hiker is missing or injured, or wildfire threatens foothill residents, or a child is missing, the Sheriff’s Department and Fire Departments call the San Dimas Mountain Rescue Team into action. We serve the area from the San Gabriel River to the east end of Los Angeles County, from Orange County to Angeles Crest. In addition, we stand ready to assist other teams and agencies locally and beyond when people are in need.

This team is officially designated to respond to searches for missing children, overdue or lost hikers and downed aircraft in wilderness areas and parks, and to evacuate homeowners threatened by floods or advancing fires.

Continuing the tradition of Ed Rankin and the first team of volunteers
Since 1955, the men and women of the San Dimas Mountain Rescue Team have been the primary responders for wilderness searches and rescues in the eastern portion of Los Angeles County.

Continuously training to hone our skills in service to others
A comprehensive, 2+ year development program trains each team member as an Emergency Medical Technician, Reserve Sheriff’s Deputy and is Mountain Rescue Association certified. The intensity of training insures that when our citizens are in peril due to fires, floods, earthquakes, natural disasters or simple unforeseen circumstances, help is on its way from this extraordinary group of volunteers.

Regular training for team members is ongoing to keep up skills, conditioning and knowledge. This is crucial to our mission, since the Team is on call and ready to respond 24/7, and continues to be one of the most active volunteer search and rescue teams in the Nation.

Part of the Los Angeles County Sheriff's Department
The San Dimas Mountain Rescue Team is one of eight All-Volunteer Search and Rescue Teams that function as specialized units of the Los Angeles Sheriff's Department. Though the department furnishes our team with facilities, some vehicles and life-saving equipment to perform core SAR functions within County standards, the Team is mostly funded by donations and grants from generous donors and supporters. Please make a donation to support our operations.