Enjoying the Local Outdoors
San Dimas Mountain Rescue Team


The Ten Essentials to carry on every hike.

Southern Californians are fortunate to be able to enjoy outdoor activities throughout the year. A walk along a stream in the forest, mountain biking on foothill trails and canyons or hiking or backpacking in our rugged backcountry are some of the most popular activities. However even the shortest of planned outings can lead to a survival situation.

The San Dimas Mountain Rescue Team encourages everyone to include these "Ten Essential" items in your pack as an aid against the unexpected.

The Ten Essentials:
1. Food and Water
2. Sunglasses and Sunscreen
3. Flashlight, spare bulb and batteries
4. First Aid Kit
5. Map and Compass
6. Knife
7. Whistle
8. Mirror
9. Matches and Fire starter
10. Extra Clothing

The Los Angeles County Sheriff's Department even offers a hiking/camping plan that you can download FREE. A hiking or camping plan is crucial to survival in case of an emergency. Before you leave, please fill out Los Angeles County Sheriff's Department Search and Rescue - Hiking Plan sheet and provide to a loved one to hold onto just in case something happens to a member of your hiking/camping expedition.

You can download the form by visiting http://file.lacounty.gov/lasd/cms1_163961.pdf