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Venturing out in the worst of weather, in the dark of night, to locate and rescue a lost hiker or rescue trapped occupants of a vehicle that has gone off the road and over the side of the mountain, isn't for everyone. Rappelling out of a helicopter to rescue someone stranded by wildfires isn't for everyone. Dedicating over three years of your personal time to acquire the skills and experience to become a team member isn't for everyone. But if making a difference in the lives of strangers and victims you have yet to rescue, serving our community, and becoming a part of a team who have all made the same commitment appeals to you — think about applying to become a member of our team.

Saving lives is what we do — and if that appeals to you, if you have the heart and soul and time to dedicate to the training and experience we have to offer — complete the application below, or contact us for more information. After screening and background checks by the sheriff's department, only twenty to thirty percent of those who apply meet the qualifications and pass the training that is required to become full team members.

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San Dimas Mountain Rescue Team
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San Dimas, CA 91773